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Crystal Index

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Agate - Stability, Grounding, Soothing

Amazonite - Truth, Communication, Serenity

Amber -  Purifying, Healing, Absorbs negative energy

Amethyst - Intuition, Balance, Higher wisdom

Ametrine - Empowered, Transformation, Confident

Ammonite - Centre, Ancient Knowledge, Dream Work

Angelite -  Spiritual awareness, Self expression, Peace

Apophyllite - Higher Consciousness, Divination, Calming

Aquamarine - Cleansing, Water Vibes, Inspiration

Aragonite -  Conversation, Earth healer, Creativity


Aventurine - Prosperity, Well-being, Good Luck

Azurite -  Enlightenment, Guidance, Intuition 



Banded Agate -  Healing, Balance, Luck

Banded Calcite - Clears negativity, Spirituality, Inner strength

Black Kyanite - Aura cleansing, Protection, Self healing

Black Moonstone - New beginnings, Goals, Hope

Black Obsidian - Focus, Grounding, Deflect Negativity

Black Tourmaline -  Protection, Grounding, Cleansing

Bloodstone - Healing, Selflessness, Protection

Blue Apatite - Knowledge, Release Blockages, Digest

Blue Aragonite - 

Blue Barite

Blue Calcite -  Relaxation, Inner sight, Healing

Blue Goldstone - Confidence, Motivation, Vitality

Blue Howlite - Calming, Compromise, Sleep (M)

Blue Kyanite - Alignment, Telepathy, Balance

Blue Lace Agate -  Opportunities Abound, Calm, Divine Guidance

Blue Opal - Peace, Improve relationships, Purifying

Blue Quartz - Calming, Soothing, Dreamwork

Blue Tigers Eye - Clairvoyance, Increase messages from guides, Communication

Boulder Opal - Centres, Purity, Strengthens aura

Bronzite - Courage, Soothes unsettled emotions, Helps with life path decisions

Bumblebee Jasper - Self Esteem, Opportunities, Energy

Burnt Fire Agate - Passion, Creativity, 'Eternal youth'



Calcite - Soul experiences, Healing, Amplifies energy 

Carborundum - Purifies, Communication, Magnifies energy

Carnelian - Creative, Fertile, Courageous

Cavansite - Adaptation, Confidence, Transformation

Celestite - Adaptation, Confidence, Transformation


Charoite - Transformation, Opens heart, Reduces stress

Chevron Amethyst - Lucid dreaming, True self, Intuition

Chiastolite - Protection, Astral travel, Clears channels for crossover

Chlorite Quartz - Earth warrior, Growth, Cleanses our past

Chrysanthemum Stone - Ancient Wisdom, Divine, Light in the Dark

Chrysocolla - Communication, Empowerment, Inner wisdom

Chrysoprase - Attracts new love & prosperity, Healing, Divine truth 

Citrine -  Abundance, Manifesting, Generosity

Clear Quartz - Awareness, Amplifying Energy, Clarity

Cobaltoan Calcite - Love, Inner desires, Truth

Covellite - Dreams, Positivity

Crazy Lace Agate -  Happiness, Energising, Laughter stone




Dalmation Jasper -Balance,  Loyalty, Family bonds 

Danburite - Peace of mind, Resolution, Relaxation

Dendritic Jasper - 

Desert Rose - Alignment, Sacred heart, Connects you to your guides


Dragon Stone - Expands awareness, Attracts desires, Enhances your magic

Dravite - Highly grounding, Protection, Soothes the mind

Dumortierite - Intelligence, Patience, Assertiveness




Emerald - Revives passion, Prosperity, Abundance

Epidote - Enhances ALL energy, Abundance, Prosperity




Fire Quartz (Hematoid) - Energetic, Transforming, Stabilising

Flower Agate - Manifesting dreams, Passion, Live life to the fullest

Fluorite - Focus, Deflects EMF, Clarity

Fossilised Coral - 

Fuschite - Renewal, Amplifies energy of other stones, Practicality





Garnet - Energy, Passion, Awakening

Garnierite (Green Moonstone) - Attracts prosperity, Manifesting, Luck

Golden Rutile - Amplifier, Spiritual creativity, Energetic

Goldstone - Shine, Manifesting, Creativity

Green Apophyllite - Letting go, Balances emotions, Calming

Green Calcite -  Forgiveness, Compassion, Renewed sense of purpose

Green Kyanite - Deep truths, Nature, Intention

Green Opal -  Greif, Inner strength, Open heart 




Hematite - Grounding, Courage, Focus

Hiddenite - 

Himalayan Pink Quartz - Higher guidance, Psychic ability, Clarity

Honey Calcite - Grounding, Motivation, Creativity

Howlite - Calming, Compromise, Sleep




Indigo Gabbro - Magic, Intuition, Spirit Guides

Iolite - Meditation, Focus, Eloquent Communication




Jet - Grief, Grounding, Protection




K2 Jasper - 

Kambamba Jasper - Inner peace, Confidence, Inspiration

Kiwi Jasper - Nurturing, Soothing, Healing

Kunzite - Heart connection, Self worth, Love




Labradorite - Magic, Transformation, Clarity

Lapis Lazuli - Psychic vision, Celestial energy, Nobility

Larimar - Calm, Serenity, Anxiety

Larvikite - Protective, Cleansing, Inner visions

Lava Stone - Grounding, Dissipates anger, Connection with mother nature

Leopard Skin Jasper - Protection for travellers, Serenity, Grounding

Lepidolite -  Transition, Emotional healing, Dissipates negativity

Lodelite Quartz -  Dreams, Spiritual Communication, Uplifting




Mahogany Obsidian - Focus, Self confidence, Spiritual progress

Malachite - Heart Centre, Spiritual Growth, Protection

Mangano Calcite - Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing heart

Miriam Jasper

Mixed Tigers Eye - Astral travel, Balance, Protection

Moldavite - Out of this world, Awareness, Expansion

Mookaite - Nurturing, Shielding, Grounding

Moonstone - Cycles, Feminine energy, Intuitive

Morganite - Divine Love, Compassion, Heals emotional trauma 

Moss Agate - Nature, Grounding, Midwifery




Nephrite - Appreciation of life, Stillness, Protection

New Jade - Nature, Tranquillity, Calm

Nuummite - 




Ocean Jasper - Go with the flow, Inner peace, Resolution 

Ocean Kyanite - Connection, Intuition, Calming

Opalite - Love, Eases anxiety, Inner peace

Optical Honey Calcite - Confidence, Grounding, Inspiration

Orange Selenite - Alignment, Clarity, Peace

Orca Agate - Family connection, Yin-yang, Deep Emotions

Orchid Calcite -  Energising, Creativity, Cleansing




Paraiba Kyanite - Grounding, Balance, Truth

Peach Moonstone - Divine Feminine, Passion, Emotional Support

Peacock Ore - Happiness, Joy, Positive outlook

Petrified Wood - Grounding, Balance, Goal setting

Pheonix Stone - Cleansing, Acceptance, Evolution

Picasso Jasper - Optimism, Openness, Joy

Picture Jasper - Grounding, Connection to Earth, Meditation

Pink Amethyst - Love, Soothing, High Vibe

Pink Muscovite - Angelic Contact, Higher Self, Reflection

Pink Opal - Soothing, Heart, Resolution

Polychrome Jasper - Passion, Connection, Grounding

Praziolite - Amplifies Energy, Harmony, Connection

Prehnite - Unconditional love, Heals the healer, Peace

Purpurite - Break Patterns, Intuition, Connection

PyriteGolden Opportunity, Confidence, Prosperity




Quartz -  Amplifies energy, Master healer, Awareness




Rainbow Hematite - Grounding, Connection, Healing

Rainbow Optical Calcite - Clears Stagnant Energy, Uplifting, Purifying

Red Aventurine - Self Confidence, Vitality, Creativity

Red Jasper - Strength, Honesty, Stability

Red Moss Agate - Abundance, Creativity, Stability

Red Tigers Eye - Protection, Courage, Enthusiasm 

Rhodochrosite - Powerful Love, Optimism, Divine feminine

Rhodonite - Restoration, Recovery, Heart healing

Rose Quartz - Unconditional love, Emotional healing, Compassion

Rubelite Tourmaline - Open Heart, Positivity, Acceptance

Ruby - Energising, Passion, Abundance

Ruby Fuschite - Love, Truth, Open heart

Ruby Zoisite - Blessings, Open Heart, Gratitude 




Sardonyx - Protection, Stability, Uplifting

Selenite - Alignment, Peace, Harmony

Septarian - Grounding, Purpose, Alignment

Seraphinite - Divine Connections, Angelic Realms, Clarity

Serpentine - Fortunate, Positivity, Good health

Sheen Obsidian - Protection, Reclaim Our Power, Growth

Shiva Lingam - Self Acceptance, Embracing light and dark, Spiritual Awakening

Shungite - Purification, Protects against EMF, Recharge 

Silk Agate

Silver Leaf Jasper - Protection, Grounding, Wholeness

Smoky Quartz -  Emotional balance, Security, Protection

Snowflake Obsidian - Purity, Balance, Removes negativity

Sodalite -  Communication, Truth, Self expression

Sphalerite -  

Spirit Quartz - Harmony, Alignment, Radiates energy

Strawberry Quartz - Universal Love, Life Path, Relaxation

Sulphur Quartz - Detoxification, Happiness, Absorbs Negativity

Sunstone - Confidence, Joy, Brilliance




Tangerine Quartz - New Ideas, Creativity, Acceptance

TanzaniteTransmutation, Exploration, Communication

Tektite - Communication with other realms, Spiritual Growth, Raises Vibration

Tiffany Stone

Tiger Iron - Grounding, Determination, Confidence

Tigers Eye - Strength, Courage, Clear understanding

TopazSoothing, Forgiveness, Truth

Tourmaline -  Protection, Well being, Mindfulness 

Tourmaline Quartz - Purify, Protection, Healing

Tree Agate - Abundance In Business, Inner Peace

Turquoise - Tranquility, Protection, Purification

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Unakite - Attraction, Resolving conflict, Healing the past




Vanadinite - Cosmic energy, Meditative state, Shine

Vera Cruz Amethyst - Activates Third Eye, Meditation, Spiritual Growth




White Howlite - Memory, Patience, Calming

White Marble - 

White Quartz








Yellow Aventurine - Joy, Kindness, Bravery

Yellow Beryl - 

Yellow Calcite - Self confidence, Hope, Alleviates self doubt

Yellow Jasper - Protects whilst travelling, Positivity, Nurturing

Yellow Opal - Amplifies all emotions, Growth, Inventiveness




Zebra Stone - 

Zeolite - Enhances healing response, Removes negativity, Happiness