Collection: Mookaite


Mookaite is a stunning stone made up of earthy hues. It is a grounding stone that helps keep us calm in times of stress or if you are feeling scattered emotionally. When we are grounded, it enables us to form a deeper connection with Mother Earth, allowing us to appreciate all the blessings she brings and keeps us present and in the moment. It has a nurturing energy that supports us through hardships, bringing feelings of peace and wholeness, promoting emotional growth. 

Mookaite is said to increase our own decision making skills, especially when we are feeling indecisive. It provides inner strength and stability whilst enhancing ones own will power and self confidence. It encourages us to have a positive outlook on life and reminds us to keep our child like innocence and humor, life should be fun. It is a stone of versatility and helps us adapt with and embrace change. Mookaite also has protective properties and shields against negativity and unpleasant situations. 

If you are feeling scattered or the busy hustle bustle of life is getting too much, use Mookaite to help ground yourself. Go outside in nature, maybe a quiet park or even in your back yard with a piece of Mookaite and sit on the ground and allow the nurturing energy of the stone to bring you back to Earth. Sit and meditate with the stone for as long as you need. 


Mookaite is named after Mooka Creek, close to where it is found in the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia. The Aboriginal term “Mooka” means “running waters” and refers to the numerous springs and streams that feed into this area. It has been a treasured stone by the Aboriginals of Australia for centuries as they believed the stone possessed healing powers. It is also gaining popularity all over the world by crystal healers and collectors alike. 


Mookaite is a type of Jasper formed of microcrystalline silica that can also be fossiliferous (containing fossils within). It comes in bold, earthy colours and patterns ranging from deep maroons and yellows to pale pinks and purples and these colours are created from impurities such as iron and manganese. Mookaite is only found in Western Australia and is believed to have formed in the Cretaceous Period (145-66 million years ago). Mookaite originally started off as Radiolaria, which is a fancy word for describing deep ocean mud containing nanoplankton and micro marine fossils. Eventually these sea mud sediments turned into land, and were cemented into rock. It has a hardness of 6-7.