Collection: Prasiolite


Prasiolite is a green Quartz, commonly referred to as Green Amethyst. Being a quartz, it too has amplifying properties. It is able to enhance the energy of your surroundings,  yourself and also the energy of other crystals. It is a stone of the heart, promoting love and deeper connections with others, Mother Earth and the divine love inside yourself, inspiring a profound appreciation for all that you are. 

Prasiolite has an enlightening energy that instils peace and promotes harmony. It helps balance your emotions and forms a healing shield around your aura. It is a spiritual stone that encourages you to expand your ideals, connecting you with your intuition and supporting your spiritual growth. It is a positive stone that helps bring out the best version of YOU!


Prasiolite's name was derived from the two Greek words - prason (leek) and lithos (stone). The first natural Prasiolite was discovered in the early 19th century in Poland. A lot of what is sold on the market today is in fact heat treated Amethyst hence why it is also known as Green Amethyst. Because it is rare to find naturally in nature it doesn't have a rich history. 


Prasiolite is a silicon dioxide mineral, part of the Quartz family. Its green colour is caused from inclusions of Iron within the mineral. Prasiolite is a rare mineral and because it is hard to find naturally occurring there is a lot of fake specimens on the market which is usually low quality Amethyst heat treated to turn green. It is put in an oven at 500 degrees celcius, removing impurities and changing the colour to green or greeny-yellow. It is naturally found in small quantities in Canada, Poland, Nambia and some parts of the United States, It has a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale. 

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