Collection: Amber


Amber is technically not a crystal, but in fact,  it's a fossilised tree resin. Being a fossilised tree resin, amber is deeply connected to Mother Earth which makes it extremely grounding. Amber  is a natural purifier and a powerful healer, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit.  It absorbs negative or stagnant energy and transforms it into clear, positive energy. This stimulates the body's own mechanisms to heal itself. 

It's powerful at cleansing all the chakras and its grounding energy has a calming effect which helps to alleviate stress and worry. It's a healing gem that is able to balance our emotions and therefore encourages us to have a happy, positive outlook on life. 

Baltic amber contains a substance called succinic acid which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Amber necklaces are often worn by teething babies to help alleviate the pain. When amber is worn, the succinic acid is absorbed through the skin. 


Amber is fossilised tree resin that was formed millions of years ago from ancient trees. It was one of the first substances to be used by man for decorative purposes, often used for talismans, jewellery and even on gravestones. It was traded regularly for iron and copper and people thought of it to be a magical 'stone' as it was used to help cure illness.

It can be dated back to ancient Egypt where its thought it may have been used in the mummification process. The Mayan's,  where they burned it as incense in rituals and the ancient Greeks, who thought of it to have the power of the sun because of its colour and the fact it could hold warmth. 


Amber is technically fossilised tree resin. The tree resin came from ancient trees millions of years old. The tree resin would drip and ooze down the trees and then be buried within the soil where it would then fossilise into rock. It is not uncommon to find insects perfectly preserved in amber.