Collection: Garnierite (Green Moonstone)



This enchanting crystal is believed to act as a magnet for prosperity, drawing abundance and positive energies into your life. With its ability to enhance manifestation, Garnierite is thought to amplify intentions and bring about desired outcomes. Its connection to luck adds an element of serendipity to its influence, making it a cherished companion for those seeking not only material success but also a harmonious and fortunate journey. Incorporating Garnierite into daily rituals or keeping it in spaces associated with abundance can serve as a tangible reminder of the potential for attracting prosperity and manifesting your dreams.


Garnierite is a green variety of the mineral feldspar, specifically belonging to the group of minerals known as the feldspathoids. It is often found in association with nickel ore deposits, and its green color is attributed to the presence of nickel. The stone's formation is typically associated with metamorphic processes in serpentine deposits. The captivating green hues and unique patterns make Garnierite a visually striking and sought-after mineral.