Collection: Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone is a man made 'stone' made from glittery, coloured glass. Although it is a synthetic stone it still holds energetic properties. It has a peaceful and calming energy that also inspires ambition and confidence, giving you courage to follow your dreams. It is a stone to connect with on your path of self discovery, encouraging you to be your authentic self. It is an extremely uplifting stone that helps turn negative thoughts into positive ones. 


There is an urban legend that Italian monks accidentally created Goldstone in the 1600's and some people refer to it as Monkstone or Monks Gold. Although, earlier discoveries have been made in Iran. It then became popular in China, where majority of it is manufactured from today. It is popular for shaping into cabochons, hearts, beads, spheres and pendulums.


Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low oxygen environment.  Molten glass is heated to a temperature hot enough then allowed to cool down slowly.  Goldstone includes copper where as Blue Goldstone includes minerals such as cobalt, manganese and quartz sand which results in its iconic blue colour and silvery shine.