Collection: Fire Quartz (Hematoid)

Fire Quartz aka Hematoid Quartz contains the transformative and amplifying powers of Quartz but also the grounding, stabilising power of Hematite. With the perfect combination of highly energetic and grounding vibrations it encourages balance of the mind, body and spirit when going through big shifts. It keeps you grounded when your thoughts are scattered or racing, bringing you back to Earth and stabilising your nervous system and easing anxiety. 

Fire Quartz encourages clarity and allows you to see things clearly including your emotions, giving you an awareness to your true feelings. With clear vision of yourself and how you feel, it enhances your self esteem and confidence. It has an amplifying power that amplifies energy and intentions thus making it a stone of transformation, bringing change and inspiring you to follow your dreams. It also reignites the fire within your spirit, sparking a new found joy and energy. 

Fire Quartz is a good stone to work with when setting your new moon or new year intentions because of its powerful amplifying properties. 


Fire Quartz has been used throughout history by ancient civilizations including the Ancient Egyptians who used it as a talisman. According to folklore the Greek god Prometheus stole fire from Mt Olympus and gave it to mankind, creating Fire Quartz. It was one of his favorite stones. 


Fire Quartz is a type of Quartz that contains Hematite and/or Limonite inclusions. The inclusions can vary from dark brown to vibrant red in colour. It can be located world wide with prominent deposits in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Madagascar, Namibia, Spain, UK, USA and has a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale.