Collection: Petrified Wood

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Petrified wood is a type of fossilised wood. This unique stone is deeply rooted with ancient knowledge and holds the secrets of the universe. It helps us connect with Mother Earth and access the healing she provides, reminding us that change is inevitable but with change comes transformation. It encourages ancestral healing and can help us to access the lessons we have learnt in our past lives. 

Petrified Wood is an extremely grounding stone which helps us root ourselves to the Earth when we are feeling overwhelmed or scattered. It promotes peace and harmony and is a great stone to use when meditating. It encourages strength and resilience and gives us the courage to face our fears knowing we are always held by the universe. Petrified Wood promotes balance, its gentle energy also assists anybody who is feeling stuck or in a rut to launch new goals or change their life path. 

Use Petrified Wood when you are wanting to connect with Gaia or your ancestors through meditation to help you unlock any messages and guidance.


Petrified Wood has been around for millions of years and has long been associated as a connection to Mother Earth. During the stone age it was used to make weapons and during the middle ages it was often carved into amulets and religious objects. To this day there are Petrified forests all over the world with the largest one located in Arizona. 


Petrified Wood is a type of fossil, it forms when plant material is buried and protected from decay from oxygen and organisms, by volcanic ash or sediment. The underground water which is rich in minerals then flows through the cavities where it begins to crystallise. The organic plant matter is then replaced by the other minerals such as silica, calcite, pyrite and quartz. This process is called petrification. It can be found all over the world including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Argentina and Canada just to name a few. It has a hardness of 6-7 on MOHs scale.