Collection: Ruby

Ruby is a precious gemstone with a lustrous red hue. It is a stone that is closely associated with passion, igniting the flames within and sparking a new found energy and lust for life. It is an energising stone that can help move stagnant energy or feelings of apathy. It  encourages abundance in all forms, promoting prosperity and positivity all the while boosting self confidence.

Ruby is also a stone of love, attracting romantic love and encouraging faithfulness and devotion. It gently heals the heart from emotional wounds and inspires you to romance your own life, boosting self love and acceptance. It also holds protective properties, both emotional and physical so is a good stone to take with you when travelling. 


The name Ruby comes from the Latin word 'Ruber', meaning red. Rubies have been appreciated and used throughout history by different ancient civilisations. Due to the blood red hue of the stone, early cultures thought it to hold the power of life itself. They are mentioned in the bible and believed to be one of the stones created by God. They were worn by royalty and the noble throughout history to boast their wealth and a Burmese legend believed that putting this stone beneath the skin could make you immortal. In many Asian cultures it was warn to promote luck and to warn the wearer of danger. 


Rubies are a type of Corundum, a rare aluminium oxide mineral. It's colour is a result of small amounts of chromium replacing the aluminium. The chromium atoms absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect light in the red part of the visible light spectrum. This reflected red light is what your eyes see and gives rubies their distinctive red colouring. It has a hardness of 9 on Mohs scale and the most notable deposits are found in Asia.