Collection: Citrine


Citrine is one of the most powerful manifesting stones in the crystal kingdom. It is often referred to as 'The Merchant's Stone' for its power of attraction as it promotes abundance and wealth. It helps manifest your dreams into reality giving you the will power and drive to take action. It not only helps in acquiring wealth in all forms but also helps in maintaining it. Citrine also encourages generosity and sharing of good fortune.

Citrine harnesses the power of the sun and its golden shades promote joy, positivity and all the good vibes. It encourages our creativity and the use of our imagination. Its uplifting energy relieves negative emotions and sparks an energy inside us that reminds us to live life to the fullest, whilst nurturing us through new beginnings. 

It is a good stone to use when manifesting your dreams and if you are wanting to acquire more wealth, it is a good stone to carry in your wallet. 


Citrine has been a popular stone throughout the ages by many cultures. The Ancient Greeks, who believed it to hold the power of the sun, would carve images into it, the Ancient Romans believed it was a powerful protection stone that would ward off the evil eye and even help repel snake venom. The Ancient Egyptians also used citrine to create talismans. It was rare to find so was worth a lot in those times. It started to boom on the crystal scene in the 1930s where experienced gem cutters started to facet and craft it into jewellery as more and more was found and throughout the Art Deco movement it was a popular stone for the stars of Hollywood to wear.  


Citrine is a silicon dioxide mineral, belonging to the Quartz family. It gets its colour from having a high iron content but natural citrine, with good colour, is actually very rare and much of the citrine on the crystal market has been heat treated to enhance its colour. They often heat treat pale amethyst and smoky quartz stones and will often have a reddish hue. Natural citrine is a pale golden yellow colour and has a hardness of 7. Citrine is found in Brazil, Madagascar and parts of America and Europe.