• Earthly Aromas

    Our Earthly Aromas fragrance range is designed to bring the magical properties of crystals and scent to your home in one beautiful package

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  • Swearomatherapy

    Sailor on the outside, zen on the inside!

    Our Swearomatherapy essential oil blends are packaged to make you smile and formulated to support you through life

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  • From the laser

    We make lots of items here with our very own laser engraving machine, including sacred geometry grids, crystal display accessories and more

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Love the Earth & The Earth will love you back.

Accessible Pricing - We are firm believers that crystals, herbs, essential oils and all the lovely things we stock are gifts from the earth that should be cherished and made affordable for everyone.

Ethical Sourcing - We believe the we should all tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet. We do this by sourcing as much as possible from small family businesses with ethical workplace and environmental practices that we can verify in person or via people we trust.

Sustainable Packaging - All of the virgin packing material we use is compostable or 100% recyclable paper, cardboard or cellulose. Any plastics or foams we use are rescued from going to landfill as we collect them from our suppliers and the residents and businesses in our local neighborhood. We hope that you too can resuse them, pass them to someone who can, or place them in an appropriate recycling bin.

We're all sharing this planet together so all the little things we can do will add up to benefit everyone!

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