Collection: Hematite

Hematite is one of the most grounding stones of the entire crystal kingdom, keeping us in our body and in the moment when we are feeling a little overwhelmed. It has a calming energy that promotes peace, harmony and balance. It also has protective powers preventing any negative energy from entering our auric field including EMF and blocking radiation. It has a deep connection to the Earth, quite literally as it is located deep inside the earths core and crust, which reminds us to appreciate and connect with Mother Earth while making us feel safe and secure. 

Hematite has a strength about it, promoting courage and willpower, giving us the confidence to stay in our power and stand our ground when necessary by increasing self-esteem and confidence. It also enhances concentration and focus encouraging attention to detail and memory so is a great companion during study. 

Carry a hematite tumble in your pocket if you are feeling overwhelmed. Every time you pull it out take some deep breaths and allow it to bring you back down to Earth.


Hematite has been thought to hold magical properties for thousands of years by many ancient cultures. In ancient Babylon warriors would carry it for strength, protection and to defeat enemies and ancient Egyptians would place it in their tombs. In the middle ages farmers would wear it as a talisman to help protect their crops. It has been long associated with blood and was believed to prevent bleeding and to keep the blood healthy. Today it is a popular stone in the new age world because of its grounding energy. It is also effective at stopping x-rays and because of that, it is used for radiation shielding around medical and scientific equipment.


Hematite is a iron oxide found in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks abundantly all around the world. Its chemical composition is around 70% iron and 30% oxygen. It has a hardness of 5.5-6.5 on Mohs scale.