Collection: Bronzite


Bronzite is a grounding stone that helps us find complete stillness, promoting serenity and harmony. It helps us soothe and stabilize our emotions, allowing us to let go of any unwanted feelings whilst boosting our confidence and self esteem. It reminds us not to hold any judgement on ourselves and balances out our negative thoughts and patterns. It is said to be a stone of courtesy as it encourages you to have a kind and gentle nature. 

Bronzite encourages strength and resilience when going through the lows life can sometimes throw at you. Promoting courage, it assists us in taking our power back and asserting our needs respectfully, allowing us to make decisions leading us to our life path. It also has protective powers, repelling any negativity or ill wishing that may be coming our way. 

Work with Bronzite when contemplating those big life decisions or when you are needing clarity on your life path, for extra support and guidance. 


Bronzite was first reported in 1906 by W. Wahl although it dates back to ancient times. It was adored by the Ancient Romans who used it to make protective amulets and decorative objects. They also believed powdered Bronzite could ward off confusion and mental illness. 


Bronzite is a magnesium silicate which is part of the pyroxene group of minerals. It is the iron-bearing variety of enstatite, which is often found in meteorites. Bronzite can vary in colour from green to brown and often has gold flecks through it. It can be located all over the world with some large deposits located in Austria, Germany, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka and the USA. It has a hardness of about 5.5 on Moh's scale. 


Bronzite is a soft stone, so if dropped or hit hard it may chip. It is also sensitive to heat so if you are cleansing with the sun it is best not to leave it in the sun light for prolonged periods.