Collection: Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful stone. It is a highly protective stone that shields against all negativity. It allows us to release any energetic blockages and forces one to face up to one’s true self with clear thoughts. Known as a truth stone, it aids in revealing the mysteries of both the outer and inner world. It also has a grounding vibration that connects us to the Earth and stabilises scattered energy. 

It is a good stone to use when doing any shadow work for its protective qualities but it also promotes the release and healing of unwanted feelings and energy. 


Obsidian dates back to the Paleolithic Age and was used by many ancient civilisations. Due to its sharp edges it was often carved into spears and arrow heads which they believed to have protective powers. Obsidian was particularly cherished by the Mayans as it was found there in abundance and it was often used as a form of currency. They also used polished Obsidian mirrors for scrying.  It was later carved into jewellery.


Obsidian is an ingenious rock that is formed when molten rock cools and traces of silica seep through. The process happens so quickly that it transforms into glass instead of crystal and is known as a form of volcanic glass. Obsidian can be found worldwide in areas of volcanic activity, often found in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Iceland, Russia and Japan. It rates 5-5.5 on the hardness scale.