Collection: Selenite

 Selenite (AKA Satin Spar) is a stone that represents clarity and bringing awareness to oneself and surroundings. It is also known as the stone of alignment and aligns your body mentally, emotionally and spiritually while connecting you with your higher consciousness. It is a calming stone that instils deep peace and often used in meditation, crystal grids and placed around the home creating harmony. Its calming energy is also good for easing anxiety. It is a high vibrational, cleansing stone that is also great for purification. Selenite also has the power to cleanse other crystals.

Selenite is a great energy tool, you can use it to cleanse yourself, your aura and your space. Place one on top of your door frame to only allow peace and harmony to enter your space. 


The crystal is named after the Greek word selene meaning 'moon'. In Greek mythology the Greek goddess of the moon is also named Selene. There is a legend that tells of God taking a breath during the process of creating divine light. When God exhaled, the particles fell to Earth and formed into selenite.


Selenite is the form of the mineral gypsum. Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulphate that crystallizes in the monoclinic system with crystals being tabular in nature, often exhibiting twinning.