Collection: Blue Tigers Eye


Blue tigers eye, also known as Hawks eye, is the blue version of tigers eye. It is a highly protective and intuitive stone that represents the energy of the 'all seeing eye'. It helps us connect to not only our own inner wisdom, but the wisdom and guidance of other beings. It helps us tap into any psychic abilities and visions.

It is a good stone to promote prosperity, good fortune and luck, attracting abundance into your life. It is also a stone of truth and communication allowing you to speak clearly and honestly. 

Work with this stone when tapping into any clairvoyant powers you may have, to promote clear visions and to open yourself up to guidance from other realms.


The use of Tiger eye dates back thousands of years, when it was carved into amulets and talismans worn by ancient Roman soldiers for strength, courage and protection in battle. The tiger eye "flash" was  believed to be distracting to the opponent, making it more difficult for them to be seen well enough to make an accurate shot giving it an air of protection. The ancient Egyptians used Tiger’s Eye to transmit the power of the Sun God Ra, to create material success and abundance.


Blue tigers eye is a member of the quartz family with a golden blue sheen. Its silky lustre forms when fibres of the mineral crocidolite are replaced by silica. Crocidolite is a bluish grey colour and when the pseudomorphism to quartz is incomplete, this results in causing the colouring of the blue tigers eye stone. It is chatoyant (cats eye) gemstone when polished.