Collection: Septarian

Septarian is a tri colour mineral composed of Aragonite, Calcite and Limestone. It is a powerful grounding tool that connects you to Mother Earth and all her abundant energy and life force. With all the rich history and knowledge it contains, it can help you discover your true purpose and promote an awakening of your inner thoughts and feelings, encouraging a change of patterns that no longer serve you.

Septarian can aid in the alignment of the mind, body and spirit promoting harmony and healing of any emotional wounds and trauma. Its earthy energy gently holds space for your healing and shields you from unwanted energy. With its warm yellow pops of colour, it inspires confidence and joy while promoting prosperity, which also makes it a good stone for manifesting your new ideas to fruition and encourages you to believe in yourself. 

Septarian is a good stone to work with through meditation when you are wanting to unlock any past life memories. 


Septarian nodules originated from the Cretaceous period, 50-70 million years ago. The name is derived from the word “septum” meaning “partition” because it is formed from mud masses which had cracks in them where crystals formed. It has inspired a curiosity throughout history due to its unusual shapes and colours and the inclusion of pseudofossils, with the first description dating back to the 18th century.  It is sometimes called Dragonstone because of the Septarian geodes that are referred to as a Dragon Eggs which originate from Madagascar. 


Septarian nodules were formed from the eruption of underwater volcanoes. Sea life were attracted to the molten and as they eventually died their chemical composition began enriching the sedimentary molten rock. As the oceans began to recede, the nodules began to dry out, forming cracks. The chemicals within the dead sealife began crystallising into Aragonite crusts and Calcite crystals. These crystal filled cavities are called Septaria.