Collection: Angelite

Just by looking at it the soothing blue colour of Angelite can bring a sense of calmness. Its peaceful energy decreases anxiety, fear and anger. It is thought to be a stone of awareness, helping us speak our truth and attune to our needs and express them freely. It is believed to promote calm communication.

As the name suggests it also promotes angel communication and a connection to the angelic realm. It raises our perception and therefore assists us in experiencing out of body encounters and telepathic communication. It helps us discover and deepen our spiritual path. 

Work with Angelite when connecting with any guardian angels through meditation. 


Angelite is a rather recent discovery of the crystal and gem world. It was found in Peru in 1987. Since the discovery, it has been a popular gem for jewellery. 

Angelite has since been discovered in Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Egypt and Mexico. 


Angelite is a type of anhydrite, which is made up of calcium sulphate. These stones are formed where gypsum stones had previously been in contact with water and it has since evaporated leaving the anhydrite crystals behind.