Collection: Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite


 Blue Kyanite is a tranquilizing and calming stone that soothes the nervous system and a busy mind, promoting peace. With its blue energy, it cools anger and heated feelings and is an exceptional stone for transitioning into a deep meditative state. Connected to the throat chakra, it encourages calm and compassionate communication. It aligns the mind, body and soul and helps you to find balance in your life. 

Blue Kyanite is a high frequency stone that encourages you to dive deeper into your spirituality, promoting spiritual growth and maturity whilst connecting you with your intuition, any psychic abilities and spirit guides. Mentally Kyanite is a good stone to have on your desk while studying or trying to figure out a solution to a problem. Kyanite supports you whilst transforming ideas into reality.

Carry a piece of Blue Kyanite on you if you need to have difficult conversations and need some support speaking your truth. 


Kyanite is named after the Greek word 'kyanos' meaning blue in 1789, although it has had many name variations throughout history and was spelt with the French spelling (cyanite) up until the mid 20th century. It has been a sought after stone for crystal collectors because of its striking blue colour and is sometimes used in jewellery although it is a fragile stone. Throughout history it has also been used in the industrial world in ceramics, electronics, electrical insulators and abrasives.


Kyanite, which is commonly a blue silicate mineral is mostly found in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and sedimentary rock. It is formed during the regional metamorphism of clay-rich sediments. Kyanite can vary in colours from grey to green to black to blue. Iron and titanium cause cause Blue Kyanite to have its ocean blue hues. Kyanite has a hardness of 4.5-7 and can be located worldwide but large deposits can be found in Switzerland, Russia, Brazil, Kenya, Nepal and some parts of the USA. 

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Throat
Element: Earth
Astro Signs: Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces