Collection: Sunstone


Sunstone oozes the vibrancy and warmth of the sun itself, shining happiness, abundance and joy into your life. It helps to brighten your mood on the darkest of days, promoting luck and prosperity. It is a leadership stone, inspiring confidence, freedom, independence and personal power, encouraging you to believe in yourself and to keep working towards your dreams. 

Sunstone is an energy enhancer that fills your life with enthusiasm, optimism and vitality, inspiring creativity and new ideas with an energetic charge. It gives life to the aspects of your self that are lacking and improves your self esteem. It helps to expand your consciousness and cleanses the aura with its light and energy.

Sunstone is a good stone to carry with you to boost your self esteem or confidence in intimidating situations. Or just a great stone to have on you to purely brighten your day!


Sunstone was adored and used by many ancient cultures. First discovered in Norway, it was said the Vikings used it as the original 'GPS', as the light reflected off the stone it would guide them across the seas to new land. Native Americans believed its colour was created from the blood of a great warrior when he was wounded by an arrow. His blood stained the stone and his energy and power were carried into the stone encapsulating his spirit. It began as a costly gemstone until more widely spread deposits were found, making it more affordable today. 


Sunstone belongs to the feldspar family. It includes glittery, reflective shards called aventurescence. Inclusions of Hematite, Goethite and other minerals like Copper give Sunstone its colour and glittering shine. It has a hardness of 6-6.5 and can be found in Norway, Sweden, USA and Australia.