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Higher Consciousness, Divination, Calming
Colour: White, cream or green
Chakra: Crown, third eye
Element: Air
Astro Signs: Libra, Gemini
Apophyllite is a stone of higher consciousness, raising the vibration of its environment. It helps us reconnect to our soul and connects us to spiritual realms. It has a pure and clear energy which promotes deep insight and intuition. It is a healing stone, a good stone for helpers and healers.
It is thought to be a good stone for scrying. It can assist in accessing Akashic records and is a stone of truth. It has a calming energy and a good stone for easing anxiety, worries and fears. It helps us to change negative thought patterns into positive ones. 
Use Apophyllite when scrying, divination or when you are diving deep into meditation. 
Apophyllite was first discovered in 1806 and was named after the Greek word meaning 'leaf' or 'to flake' because it tends to crumble when heated.  Although some people may not have heard of this gem it is actually found all around the world with large deposits in Japan, USA, India, Canada, Germany and Norway just to name a few. 
Found in volcanic zeolite environments, Apophyllite was formerly categorised as being one single mineral but in 1978 it was classified as including two minerals, fluorapophyllite and hydroxyapophyllite. Then, in 1981 another mineral was included, natroapophyllite, so it is made up of a group of minerals with a similar chemical make up. Apophyllite is a hydrated potassium calcium silicate that forms in transparent pyramid, cubic and druzy formations. 
It has a hardness of 4.5-5.