Collection: Tree Agate

Tree agate is a lovely white and green stone with a grounding energy. It is said to help soothe the nervous system, relieving anxiety and encouraging inner peace. Because of this, it is a great stone to use during meditation. It is also connected to the Earth and opens you up to communication with Nature Spirits and deepens your bond with the Mother Earth, while promoting gratitude for life itself and all the wonderous creations of the universe.

Tree Agate is a stone of strength, it empowers you to stand strong and tall in times of trouble, inspiring resilience and a hopeful spirit. It provides courage to get you through the ups and downs of life, gently encouraging you to surrender to the flow of the universe. It is also known as a stone of abundance and prosperity.

Use Tree Agate in a grid or in your garden to promote fertility and growth of plants. 


Tree Agate is a form of Dendritic Agate and the word “dendritic” is a scientific term meaning “to branch like trees.” It was discovered along the shore line of Achates river somewhere between the third and fourth centuries BC in Ancient Greece. The Greek associated it with Dryads (nymphs or nature spirits) and thought it to be a stone of plenitude and would often bury it with their crops to promote a bountiful harvest. 


Tree Agate is a type of Dendritic Agate that contains green dendritic inclusions. The inclusions are caused from manganese and iron oxides making their way into the cracks of white quartz when it's forming and the distinct green colouring is caused from the added presence of minerals such as Chlorite & Hornblende. These inclusions often resemble sprigs of foliage hence the name Tree Agate. It is Moss Agates twin, with such a close resemblance, a big difference being Moss Agate is mostly transparent with a greyish undertone and Tree Agate is white and opaque. It is most commonly found in Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Uruguay and the United States and has a hardness 6.5-7 on Mohs scale.