Collection: Aura Quartz

 Aura quartz is an artificially enhanced stone. It is an iridescent pink and blue stone, the pink being rose aura quartz and the blue is aqua aura quartz. Both of these stones have been altered by man, but it is still an extremely high vibrational stone and popular among crystal healers. Aura quartz combines the magical properties of clear quartz, aqua aura and rose aura. It expands your consciousness and guides you along your spiritual journey. Cleansing the aura, it also invites angelic communication and a sense of calm and healing. Aura quartz also opens up the heart chakra and promotes feelings of self-love and uplifts the mood. 


Aura Quartz made its way onto the new age scene in the 1980s. It brings nature and science together and forms a captivating, rainbow creation. They have become popular ornamental pieces and statement jewellery. 


Aura quartz is a natural quartz crystal that has been coated in other minerals. The iridescent sheen is created through a vacuum process where minerals are bonded permanently to the quartz, creating its spectacular colouring. Aqua aura quartz is bonded with gold and rose aura quartz is bonded with platinum. Many other forms of Aura quartz can be created by bonding other minerals including titanium and nickel just to name a few.