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Awareness, Amplifying Energy, Clarity

Colour : Transperent
Chakra : All
Element : All
Astro Sign : All

Clear Quartz crystals are known as master healers and are able to amplify your own energy and thoughts but also amplify the healing properties of other crystals and broadcast that energy into the Earth's electromagnetic energy field. Because of this it is a great stone for manifestation. It is also a stone to balance and bring clarity to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.


The term Quartz comes from the Greek word for 'ice'. Clear Quartz has been used as a healing tool since ancient times all around the world. Shamans referred to the crystal as the 'light stone' and used it as an instrument for clairvoyance. Some native Australians and South Americans believed a cosmic serpent, the creator of life, was being led by a quartz. And ancient Greek philosophers believed it was a form of permanent ice.


Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon dioxide and is found in several forms. Quartz is in the trigonal system and exhibits piezoelectricity, which is where electricity is created when applying pressure to the crystal. Because of this the crystal is used in electronic equipment. It is one of the most abundant crystals found on every continenet on Earth.