Collection: Carborundum

Carborundum is a man made creation. It is a purifying mineral that can cleanse your space, mind, body and soul and can stop you from taking on other peoples negative energy, shining light into all aspects of your life. It is said to be a master healing stone and also magnifies the energy of other crystals. 

Carborundum encourages clear, smooth communication, allowing you to voice your own and receive other peoples opinion's with an open mind with no conflict or judgement.  It also increases our mental clarity assisting us to focus. 

Use Carborundum to enhance the properties of other crystals when you need a little extra crystal magic. It's also a good stone to keep in the office with you, to help you focus on work and ensure you can communicate calmly and confidently with co workers. 


Carbourundum was created from a failed experiment. In 1890, inventor Edward Goodrich Acheson tried to create diamonds using electricity, which resulted in silicone carbide, a product with shiny rainbow specks through it. It became a popular product in the industrial industry, especially for abrasives, before it was a part of the crystal world. Its striking appearance and shiny rainbows soon drew people in and it started to become more and more common in crystal stores all over the world. 


Carborundum is a man made mineral, it can occur naturally as moissanite but it is extremely rare and microscopic. It is a hard chemical compound consisting of silicone and carbon. It is sand + carbon super heated and as it cools the crystals form.