Collection: Dragon Stone

Dragon stone aka Dragons blood jasper is a stone of expansion and power. It activates your inner strength and promotes courage in times you need it the most reminding you of the strength you hold within yourself. It can help you push through any limits and expands your mind and world attracting abundance and prosperity. 

Dragon stone symbolizes rebirth, inner wisdom and clears the path for you to step into your personal power and access the magic within. It connects you with your intuition and inspires life force to charge through your veins invoking a revived energy. 


Dragon stone was first discovered near Tshipise Hotsprings in South Africa which is located near a dragon shaped hill. The location and the scaly dragon like appearance of the stone was the reason behind the name. According to folklore it was believed Dragon Stone contained fossilized pieces of bones from ancient dragons. Other stones, like Septarian, have also been donned with the nickname Dragon stone. 


Dragon Stone is a type of Epidote with red Piemontite inclusions throughout. It is found in South Africa and Australia.