Collection: Aventurine Group

Blue Aventurine  - Inner Strength. Masculine Energy, Calming

Green Aventurine  - Prosperity, Well-being, Good Luck

Orange Aventurine  - Creativity, Manifestation, Comforting

Red Aventurine (Strawberry Quartz) - Self Confidence, Vitality, Creativity

Yellow Aventurine - Coloured with small inclusions of Mica

Geological Info

Colour: Green, red, yellow, brown, blue, orange, 
Transparency: Opaque
Hardness7 mohs Scale
Tenacity: Brittle
Crystal System: Trigonal

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Aventurines are a silicon dioxide mineral and member of the Quartz family usually containing other minerals such as mica, Fuchsite, but also Hematite to create the differing colours.  
Also Known as: Green Quartzite, Adventurine , Adventurine Quartz