Collection: Serpentine

Serpentine has a gentle energy and is a stone of prosperity. It encourages a positive outlook on life and helps shake any unwanted feelings that might be weighing you down. It promotes good fortune and abundance and acts as a driving force when chasing your dreams, giving you the passion and motivation to keep going. Overall it is a stone of wellness, for the spirit, mind and body so it is often thought of as a stone that promotes good health. 

Serpentine also helps to awaken kundalini energy allowing you to be more in tune with yourself and the universe, expanding your mind and encouraging you to be your most authentic self. It helps you understand your spiritual path and unlocks any psychic abilities. It has cleansing properties that also helps to realign the chakras. 

Serpentine is a great stone to work with during meditation or yoga for a kundalini awakening. 


Serpentine was named due to its snakeskin appearance and its green colour that resembles the green of a serpent. In ancient times it was thought to be able to cure poisoning and carved amulets we worn for protection from snake bites and other ill wishes. Legend says the King would only drink from a Serpentine chalice so he would not be able to be poisoned. It has been carved into ornaments, jewellery and vases for centuries and still is today. It is often mistaken for Jade. Serpentine is also resistant to heat which has proved to make it a good insulator and fibrous varieties of Serpentine have actually been used to make asbestos.  


Serpentine is a name given to a group of minerals that have similar physical properties and form in a similar process. All variations of serpentine are a basic magnesium silicate, with many containing iron as well as smaller quantities of other minerals including chromium, nickel and cobalt. It has a hardness of 3-6 on Mohs scale and can be located all around the globe with notable occurrences in Canada, The USA, Italy and Greece. 


Serpentine is a relatively soft stone so you need to be gentle with it or it may scratch.