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Creative, Fertile, Courageous

Colour : Deep orange or brownish-red
Chakra : Sacral
Element : Fire
Astro Sign : Aries, Leo, Virgo

Carnelian is said to attract prosperity and good luck into your life. It is also a stone that lends courage to difficult situations and promotes a sense of community. It carries the vibration of creativity and helps give birth to new projects. It is also known as a fertility stone as it boosts fertility and promotes sexuality. 



All over the world ancient peoples used Carnelian for jewellery, seals and talismans. The Arab people considered it one of the stones of the kings and the Egyptian goddess Isis would use it to protect the dead. Engraved Carnelian amulets were also said to be used on the Egyptian book of the dead. 


Carnelian is the light to dark red variety of chalcedony. The red colour is caused by the presence of iron.