Collection: Carnelian


Carnelian is a vibrant stone that holds the fiery energy of the sun. With its warm, sunset hues, it is a stone that promotes vitality and motivation, sparking a new energy to brighten your world. It attracts prosperity, abundance and luck, enhancing ones self esteem and confidence and lending courage in difficult situations. Promoting happiness, Carnelian is like a big warm hug, bringing emotional well being.

It is a stone that stimulates ones creativity and self expression, allowing you to create from the heart while also inspiring new ideas. It is a stone of passion and life force,  promoting fertility and encouraging you to be confident and comfortable with your sexuality. Carnelian promotes a sense of community and encourages deeper connections with friends and family. 

Carnelian is a good stone for creatives to use to help them really tap into their creativity or if they are struggling with finding inspiration. It is also a good stone for women to work with to promote fertility or they are wanting to embrace their womb power. 


All over the world ancient peoples used Carnelian for jewellery, seals and talismans. The Arab people considered it one of the stones of the kings and the Egyptian goddess Isis would use it to protect the dead. Engraved Carnelian amulets were also said to be used on the Egyptian book of the dead. The Romans made it into jewels and would wear them as signet rings. Many cultures believed it to hold magical protective powers. 


Carnelian is the light to dark red variety of chalcedony which is a member of the quartz family. The red colour is caused by the presence of iron. It can be found in Peru, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia and Germany. It has a hardness of 7.