Collection: Blue Opal

Blue Opal is a stone of spiritual and emotional healing. It encourages the healing of bad or toxic relationships, intimacy issues and broken hearts. It soothes and realigns you to your spiritual purpose renewing a sense of hope. It is extremely calming and its gentle energy inspires a deep peaceful state. It releases tension and allows you to let go of your worries.

Blue Opal is also a stone of communication, encouraging you to speak your truth. It is especially beneficial for those who may be afraid to speak up as it promotes self confidence. Blue Opal is a karmic stone that emits positive vibrations which attracts positive energy and emotions back to you. It also stimulates creativity and originality, inspiring new ideas.

If you are experiencing heart ache or relationship troubles, work with Blue Opal for emotional support and healing but also to enhance communication skills to promote calm resolution of conflict. 


Opals history began all the way back in 4000BC. The name has a few possible sources from the Sanskrit upala meaning “precious stone,” and the ancient Greek opallios or Latin opallus, both meaning “to see a change in color.” Throughout the middle ages it was thought of as the 'Queen of Gems' as it was believed Opals contained every gem stone in them. In Greek mythology, blue opals formed from the joyful tears of Zeus, god of the sky, after he defeated the Titans and in South America it is claimed the gem was a gift from the Inca earth goddess, Pachamama. Blue Peruvian Opal is the national stone of Peru.


Blue Opal forms from igneous rocks with high silica content. It’s formed at low temperatures and is usually composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and silicon, with a high water content. Blue Opals come in both common and precious varieties. Precious variations display a play of colours while common Opals do not. They have a hardness of 5.5-6 on Mohs scale.