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Lapis Lazuli

Psychic Vision, Celestial Energy, Nobility

Colour : Dark deep blue with metallic gold flecks
Chakra : Third Eye, Crown
Element : Fire
Astro sign : Sagittarius



Lapis Lazuli helps open the intuitive senses, encourages self-awarenessreveals inner truth and enables you to align with the higher knowledge of the Akashic records.  Stimulating objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity, Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one's truth and inspires confidence. It also helps to calm feelings of frustration and agitation.


Mining and usage of Lapis can been found in evidence at historical sights dating back as far as 8000 to 9000 years. It has long been used in its natural and polished form in jewellery, bowls, plates, vases, mosaics etc throughout Asia, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South America. In addition Lapis Lazuli has been used in crushed form as a pigment in dyes, paints and cosmetics for thousands of years.


The main component of Lapis Lazuli is Lazurite and it usually also contains some white Calcite, Sodalite and Pyrite among small amounts of several other minerals. It often fluoresces under a black light due to the calcite content. 

Lapis Lazuli is most commonly mined in Afghanistan, Russia and Chile and can also be found in parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.