Collection: Kambamba Jasper


Kambamba Jasper (sometimes known a Crocodile Jasper) has an extremely calming effect on the mind and body, promoting inner peace. It helps remove any fears and anxiety that may take over, leaving room for stillness and serenity whilst soothing your nerves in a nurturing way. Its grounding energy connects you to the earth and is a great stone to use during meditation or even to promote a restful sleep. 

Kambamba Jasper gently protects the heart and gives strength to those who are suffering heart ache or feelings of rejection. It encourages you to tap into ancestral wisdom and opens you up to receiving any messages from your guides. It promotes compassion for others and ones self, increasing your self worth. It also encourages fertility and creativity.  


Kambamba Jaspers (or Crocodile Jasper) name is derived from the word “mamba”, the Malagasy word for crocodile. Jasper has been used throughout history by many ancient cultures including the American Indians who would use it in ceremonies to bring rain.