Collection: Ametrine

Empowered, Transformation, Confident

Colour: Purple and Yellow

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Solar Plexus

Element: Air

Astro Signs: Aquarius, Gemini

Vibe : Abundance, Clearing / Cleansing, Confidence / Courage, Intuition / Spiritual Growth.

Ametrine combines the magical properties of both Amethyst and Citrine. It has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy and allows us to connect to our spiritual path. It eases transitions and promotes confidence in our self and also our decisions. Having two colours, purple and yellow, it encourages us to seek balance in our life. 
It promotes abundance in all aspects of our life and is a powerful manifesting stone. It helps us connect with and identify our true desires and empowers us to follow those dreams. It can stimulate creativity and sparks acceptance of oneself. 
The legend states the native tribe 'Ayoreo' from Bolivia discovered the gem more than 500 years ago. The deposit site was named after a Bolivian princess and it was gifted to her and her Spanish conquistador husband as a wedding gift. They took the beautiful gems back to Europe in the 1600s and then it was mysteriously forgotten about and seemed to vanish. After 300 years the Aniha mine was rediscovered and the gem made its modern debut in the late 1960s back onto the crystal market. 
Ametrine is a naturally occurring type of quartz. It is a bicolour quartz with two zones. The yellow zone is Citrine and the purple zone is Amethyst. The two coloured stones are formed from the oxidation states of iron in each gem. The iron has oxidized in the Citrine zone and they are unoxidized in the Amethyst zone. 

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