Collection: Agate Group

Black Agate - Prosperity, Good Fortune, Courage

Blue (Dyed) Agate - Love, Wealth, Abundance

Banded Agate -  Healing, Balance, Luck

Blue Lace Agate -  Opportunities Abound, Calm, Divine Guidance

Brown (Natural) Agate - Open Heart, Nature, Earth Spirits

Burnt Fire Agate - Passion, Creativity, 'Eternal youth'

Carnelian - Creative, Fertile, Courageous

Crazy Lace Agate -  Happiness, Energising, Laughter stone

Flower Agate - Personal Growth, Femininity, Blossoming Potential

Grape Agate - 

Green (Dyed) Agate - Environmental, Nature, Clear Thoughts

Moss Agate - Nature, Grounding, Midwifery

Orca Agate - Family connection, Yin-yang, Deep Emotions

Pink (Dyed) Agate - Love, Intuition, Inner Peace

Purple (Dyed) Agate - Self Care, Grounded, Happiness

Red Moss Agate - Abundance, Creativity, Stability

Silk Agate -

Tree Agate - Inner Peace, Plant Magic, Resilience

Zebra Agate - 


Agate is a soothing stone that promotes tranquility and eases inner anger and fear. It stabilizes our emotions and brings us back down to earth if we are feeling overwhelmed. Keeping us grounded, it instils balance and harmony to our mind, body and spirit while connecting us to Mother Earth. It also has a gentle protective energy. 

There are a number of different types and colours of agate stones and as well as having the healing properties of agate, they also have their own unique healing powers depending on the type of agate it is. 


Agate was named after the Achates river off Sicily, where its waters were an ancient abundant source of this stone. It was first discovered between 20,000 - 16,000 BC. Although, some of the agate found in Australia is 2.7billion-3.5billion years old. It was used by many different ancient cultures. Some Persians believed it had the power to make storms disappear.  The ornamental use of agate dates back to Ancient Greece in assorted jewellery and in the seal stones of Greek warriors. Romans thought it to be a sacred healing stone and that it could even protect you from snake venom if you ingested agate infused water.


Agate is a common rock formation, consisting of chalcedony and quartz as its primary components. Agates are primarily formed within voids in volcanic and metamorphic rocks. It is formed from layers of silica, which often gives agate its infamous banded effect. 

It comes in a wide variety of natural colours, but is often enhanced with bright dyes or it can be heat treated. It is such a porous stone that dye takes really well to this gemstone.