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Septarian Raw
Septarian Raw
Septarian Raw

Septarian Raw

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Grounding, Purpose, Alignment

Chakra : Base
Element : Earth
Astro Signs : Taurus
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a tri colour mineral composed of Brown aragonite, Yellow Calcite and Grey Limestone. A powerful grounding stone that connects us to the divine energy of Mother Earth.

Rough Size Guide
1 Tiny 20 – 39g
2 X Small 40 – 59g
3 Small 60 – 99g
4 Medium 100 – 149g
5 Large 150 – 224g
6 X Large 225 – 324g
7 XX Large 325 – 450g

*Price is for one crystal. We photograph multiple to give you an idea of the variation in shapes and colour. Each Raw stone is categorised by weight to ensure consistency.

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