Mabon cauldron citrine incense


Mabon is celebrated here in the southern hemisphere on the 21st of March and is the first equinox of the year. Equinox's are always such magical times, where the sun shines directly on the equator causing the amount of hours of day and night to be equal. The Autumn Equinox/Mabon reminds us how important it is to have balance in our life. It is the perfect day to take some time and reflect on areas of your life that need a little more balance.

Traditionally, Mabon was the second of the harvest festivals which meant for those who worked and relied on the land, it was the last chance to harvest and prepare for the shadow months to come. At Lammas, they would harvest the grain and Mabon was for harvesting the fruit and vegetables where they would make jams, cheeses, jellies and preserves. It symbolised that Winter was on its way and from now on the mornings would grow colder and the trees would start to turn shades of orange and brown. The community would gather and feast, giving thanks to the land and the animals for the harvest. They would often play feasting games including apple bobbing and host baking contests. It was an exciting time of work and play.

If you are wanting to celebrate, Mabon is a good time to decorate your altar with some of your harvests from the garden and lots of fruit, particularly apples which is one of the symbols of the fruit harvest. You can also incorporate colours like brown, orange, gold and red to your altar as well as crystals like amber, citrine, tigers eye and yellow calcite and aventurine. Other nice and simple ways to celebrate is feasting with friends, baking some some yummy treats or spending time in the garden giving thanks and reflecting on how to find balance in your life.

Blessed Mabon magic makers, may the Autumn Equinox bring you balance and prosperity. 

 Words: Beth Youngberry

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