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Sunstone Pendulum - 6 Faceted
Sunstone Pendulum - 6 Faceted

Sunstone Pendulum - 6 Faceted

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Pendulums are a wonderful tool for guidance and divination. Using a pendulum (commonly known as dowsers) is an age old practice spanning thousands of years throughout history. Pendulums can be used to tap into the your subconscious, as they help you to access your inner guidance. Before using your pendulum it is important to be calm and centred.

Confidence, Joy, Brilliance

Sunstone oozes the vibrancy and warmth of the sun itself, shining happiness, abundance and joy into your life. It helps to brighten your mood on the darkest of days, promoting luck and prosperity. It is a leadership stone, inspiring confidence, freedom, independence and personal power, encouraging you to believe in yourself and to keep working towards your dreams. 

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* Price is for one crystal. All crystals are natural and as such may differ in colour, texture and size. Photo gives an idea of variations.

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