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Mixed Moonstone Tumble
Mixed Moonstone Tumble
Mixed Moonstone Tumble

Mixed Moonstone Tumble

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Feminine, Passion, Emotional Support

A Mix of Peach, Black, Green and White moonstone intuitively picked for you! 

Peach Moonstone is a beautiful stone that varies in colour from tan to a light peach. It carries the same healing properties as Moonstone, so is a good stone for cycles and stabilizing emotions. It also connects you to your heart and the divine feminine and ignites our passion within. 

Tumble Size Guide
1 Tiny 0 – 4g
2 X Small 5 – 9g
3 Small 10 – 14g
4 Medium 15 – 19g
5 Large 20 – 24g
6 X Large 25 – 29g
7 XX Large 30 – 34g

*Price is for one crystal. We photograph multiple to give you an idea of the variation in shapes and colour. Each Tumble stone is categorised by weight to ensure consistency.

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