Collection: Green Muscovite

 Growth, Love, Soothing

AKA green strawberry quartz, scarlet quartz or Fuschite in Quartz
Captivating Green Muscovite is renowned for its harmonious fusion of deep green hues and shimmering mica patterns . Its ability to resonate with the heart chakra helps Green Muscovite create space for emotional healing and personal growth. This stone is thought to instil a sense of tranquillity and balance, encouraging individuals to embrace self-discovery and introspection while fostering a deeper connection with nature. With its delicate yet powerful energy, Green Muscovite is said to stimulate creativity and intuition, inviting a renewed perspective on life's journey and promoting a heightened awareness of one's surroundings. Whether used during meditation or carried as a talisman, this mineral is embraced for its potential to inspire a profound sense of renewal and transformation on both spiritual and emotional planes.