Collection: Calcite Group



Banded Calcite - Clears negativity, Spirituality, Inner strength

Blue Calcite -  Relaxation, Inner sight, Healing

Caribbean Calcite (Blue Aragonite) - Peace of Mind, Higher Self, Trust

Cobaltoan Calcite - Love, Inner desires, Truth

Green Calcite -  Forgiveness, Compassion, Renewed sense of purpose

Honey Calcite - Grounding, Motivation, Creativity

Mangano Calcite - Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing heart

Optical Honey Calcite - Confidence, Grounding, Inspiration

Orange Calcite

Orchid Calcite -  Energising, Creativity, Cleansing

Pistachio Calcite

Rhodochrosite - Powerful Love, Optimism, Divine feminine

White Calcite - Soul experiences, Healing, Amplifies energy 

Yellow Calcite - Self confidence, Hope, Alleviates self doubt