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Crystal Tree of Life | Pendants or KeyChain

Crystal Tree of Life | Pendants or KeyChain

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More than a mere accessory, each Tree of Life pendant embodies a unique crystal energy and symbolism.  Each pendant is accompanied by an info card and a black cord or key Chain

 Tree of Intuition (Amethyst): The Tree of Intuition, channels the calming and intuitive energy of Amethyst. Wear it to enhance your connection to your inner wisdom, foster spiritual insights, and encourage a heightened sense of awareness in your daily life.

Tree of Serenity (Aquamarine): Aquamarine adorns the Tree of Serenity, bringing a calming and soothing energy. This pendant encourages emotional balance, enhances clarity, and promotes a serene state of mind.

Tree of Communication (Blue Lace Agate): The Tree of Communication with Blue Lace Agate encourages clear and peaceful expression. Wear this pendant to enhance communication, soothe the mind, and foster a sense of tranquility.

Tree of Joy (Opalite): Embrace the Tree of Joy with Opalite, radiating a vibrant and uplifting energy. This pendant encourages positivity, fosters creativity, and brings a sense of playfulness into your life.
Tree of Passion (Garnet): The Garnet pendant, as the Tree of Passion, embodies the fiery energy of love and commitment. Wear it to ignite passion in your pursuits, enhance courage, and stimulate your creative expression.
Tree of Harmony (Pink & Green Tourmaline): The Tree of Harmony, adorned with Pink and Green Tourmaline, symbolizes balance and love. This pendant promotes emotional healing, harmonizes relationships, and invites a sense of tranquillity into your life.
Tree of Renewal (Peridot): Embrace the Tree of Renewal with Peridot, a crystal of growth and transformation. This pendant encourages personal renewal, prosperity, and positive energy flow in your life.
Tree of Security (Smoky Quartz): The Tree of Security provides a sense of rootedness, helping you navigate uncertainties with a calm and secure demeanour, creating a sanctuary of tranquillity and confidence within.
Tree of Love (Rose Quartz): Rose Quartz, the classic symbol of love, graces the Tree of Love. This pendant embodies unconditional love, compassion, and harmony, inviting warmth and affection into your life.
Tree of Magic (Labradorite): Labradorite adorns the Tree of Magic, symbolizing spiritual awakening and transformation. This pendant enhances intuition, encourages self-discovery, and invites a touch of magic into your journey.
Tree of Luck (Green Aventurine): The Tree of Luck, featuring Green Aventurine, brings luck and abundance into your life. Wear this pendant to attract prosperity, promote positive outcomes, and enhance your confidence.
Tree of Courage (Tiger's Eye): The Tree of Courage, adorned with Tiger's Eye, symbolizes strength and determination. This pendant empowers you to face challenges with resilience, boosting your confidence and inner strength.
Tree of Abundance (Citrine): Citrine graces the Tree of Abundance, symbolizing prosperity and positivity. This pendant invites abundance into your life, fosters creativity, and enhances a sunny disposition.

Tree of Clarity (Clear Quartz): Clear Quartz graces the Tree of Clarity, symbolizing purity and amplification. This pendant enhances your intentions, fosters spiritual growth, and brings clarity to your thoughts.
Tree of Vitality (Carnelian): The Tree of Vitality, featuring Carnelian, embodies passion and vitality. This pendant encourages creativity, boosts motivation, and brings a vibrant energy to your life.
Tree of Balance (Chakra): The Chakra pendant adorns the Tree of Balance, symbolizing alignment and harmony. This pendant supports the balance of your energy centres, promoting overall well-being and spiritual equilibrium.


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