Prasiolite's Harmonious Mother Earth Connection Ritual

Prasiolite's Harmonious Mother Earth Connection Ritual


A green quartz, commonly referred to as Green Amethyst, Prasiolite has wonderful amplifying properties said to enhance the energy of your surroundings, yourself and the energy of other crystals. It is a stone of the heart, promoting love and deeper connections with others, Mother Earth and the divine love inside yourself, inspiring a profound appreciation for all that you are. 

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Harmonious Mother Earth Connection Ritual

Are you ready to connect with the heart of Mother Earth and tap into the divine love that lives inside you? Let's grab some prasiolite and get started!

Step 1: Find a cozy spot where you can sit comfortably with your prasiolite. Light a green or white candle and some incense to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Step 2: Hold your prasiolite in your hands and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and feel the gentle vibration of the crystal resonating with your heart centre.

Step 3: Visualize a beautiful green light surrounding you and filling you with love and harmony. Imagine this green light extending down into the earth, connecting you to the heart of Mother Earth.

Step 4: Think about the people and animals in your life who you love deeply. Picture them in your mind's eye and send them love and gratitude. Feel your heart centre expanding with each breath.

Step 5: Take a moment to reflect on the divine love that lives inside you. Repeat the affirmation, "I am love. I am loved. I am worthy of love. I am Connected." Let these words sink into your heart and feel the truth of them.

Step 6: Hold your prasiolite up to your heart and speak your intentions out loud. Ask the crystal to help you connect more deeply with others, Mother Earth, and the divine love inside yourself.

Step 7: Spend a few more minutes basking in the energy of the prasiolite and the green light. When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and return to the present moment.

Step 8: Give thanks to the prasiolite and to Mother Earth for their loving energy. Blow out the candle and take a deep breath, feeling grounded, centred, and full of love.

May its loving energy continue to guide you in your daily life and help you connect more deeply with the world around you. Carry it with you as a reminder of the divine loving being that you are!

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