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Potions Class- A Winter Solstice Soiree 2021
A few days before the Winter Solstice we gathered under a milky way of fairy lights to celebrate one of the universes little wonders, the shortest day of the year. 
The Winter Solstice has been a day of celebration for centuries. Here in the Southern Hemisphere it falls on or around the 21st of June. In the Northern Hemisphere it is celebrated just before Christmas and you will find a lot of our Christmas traditions actually originate from traditional Winter Solstice festivities. 
The winter solstice is the longest night of the year and the darkest day. It is a time to gather together to honour the rebirth of the light. Throughout history, people would decorate their homes and trees with candles, warm colours and other treasures from nature. Traditionally fires, candles and yule logs were lit to welcome the suns return. 
In keeping with tradition, we wanted to work with and celebrate the element of fire. Fire and light symbolise hope through the shadow months and our longest night of the year. Our table was decorated with warm colours and earthly treasures including pine cones, seed pods, crystals, dried herbs, fruits and flowers. All with their own magical properties and symbolism. It had a real woodlands vibe. 
Honouring the element of fire, we created a sacred smoke wand and an oil candle spell jar, with a ritual to do using both when the sun began to set on the actual Winter Solstice. Our smoke wands were crafted with magical elements to cleanse and promote prosperity for the season to come. We also added a scroll of wishes, with things we would like to manifest for the season of light. 
We then moved on to our oil candle spell jars. What's an oil candle spell jar you may ask? Well, it's like a spell jar but then we add oil and a floating wick for some extra fire magic. This was a really fun part of the evening, we got to forage through our woodland table setting and create a spell jar with the different treasures that aligned to our wish for the season to come. Everything on the table had a description of its magical properties and was free to use. All our magic makers candles turned out so unique and individual, it was so beautiful to see everybody's extraordinary creations.
We ended the evening with a little bay leaf spell. On the back of a bay leaf, we wrote down something we would like to let go of before we entered the next season. We set them alight in our cauldron and as they burned we watched it release into the universe. We would like to say a big thank you to all our magic makers who came along. Your positive vibes truly made it a night to remember.
Stay magic gems! X
Words: Beth Youngberry

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