Potions Class

Potions Class

        Potions Class for Samhain 2021

It was a cool Autumn evening when we gathered for our Samhain Potions Class. Samhain is commonly celebrated as Halloween and for us in the southern hemisphere it actually falls on or around April 30th. It is a truly magical day and one of the only days of the year that the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest. That being said, it is the perfect time to honour and hold space for your ancestors and any loved ones who have passed.  


Here at Sparrow & Fox our Potions classes are following the pagan wheel of the year and we really wanted to make this magical celebration a meaningful one.

After beginning the evening with a meditation we began with creating an ancestor anointing oil. An oil to use in a candle ritual when we would like to ask for guidance from our ancestors or loved ones that have passed. Or just when we want to take the time to honour and remember them. Each oil was chosen for its individual magical properties that aligned with our intentions. Once our little potion was created we then anointed our candles with it and dressed them with some calendula flowers. Calendula is one of the corresponding flowers for Samhain and also used to honour the dead and for remembrance. We all lit our candles and took a moment to remember our loved ones as we stared into the flickering flames. 


It was a real Harry Potter moment sitting among the rainbow candles burning brightly. Some of our magic makers flames started to REALLY light up, was it a message? Or was it the flowers catching alight? We're saying it was a message from the other side and we're sticking with it. 

With our candles burning, we then moved on to making a protection spell jar for the shadow months to come. The colder months are often times for rest, deep self reflection, shadow work and unfortunately illness. We added different crystals, herbs, resins and oils all for their protective qualities. We then used our burning candles to seal all the magic into our spell jars. 

It was a night of intention and remembrance with such a wonderful bunch of magic makers. Thank you to everyone who attended and for making it such a special night. We would also like to pay respects to our ancestors for paving the path we now get to live today. 

Stay magic gems X


Words: Beth Youngberry

Photos: Kat Youngberry 

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