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Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Scorpio
Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Scorpio
Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Scorpio

Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Scorpio

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  • SCORPIO: Oct 22 - Nov 21

  • ELEMENT: Water 

  • PLANET: Pluto

  • SYMBOL: Scorpion

Each little bag contains a unique selection of three birthstones, intuitively picked for you that is connected with the specific zodiac sign.

You can carry them with you to enhance the connection to your sun sign or  assist with the current phase of the moon, Either way they will make a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

The Pack for Scorpio Contains - 


Mahogany Obsidian is a grounding stone, which all signs need at some point. Obsidian may be too harsh for Scorpios to use but Mahogany Obsidian is more subtle and also provides protection and eliminates blockages.


Unakite is a stone for spiritual insight. It is also highly emotionally and physically healing and beneficial for releasing things that have become trapped in your heart.


Scorpio is feminine water sign, and what better stone to bring out these energies than aquamarine. Scorpios are good at hiding emotions and Aquamarine brings emotion to the surface. 

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