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Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Gemini
Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Gemini
Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Gemini

Zodiac Birthstone Trio - Gemini

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  • ELEMENT: Air

  • PLANET: Mercury

  • SYMBOL: Twins

Each little bag contains a unique selection of three birthstones, intuitively picked for you that is connected with the specific zodiac sign.

You can carry them with you to enhance the connection to your sun sign or assist with the current phase of the moon, Either way they will make a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

The Pack for Gemini Contains - 


A really good earthy stone for Geminis or use while the sun is in Gemini because overall Agates are great for clarity. The airy Gemini walks around with their head in the clouds and could benefit from a stone that brings stability and balance.  Blue Lace Agate which can help a Gemini communicate their thoughts and advice more calmly and gently.


Golden Tigers Eye is another stone that provides balance. Gemini is a sign of duality and can benefit from a stone that balances, especially one that also helps you overcome stubbornness.


Serpentine is a wonderful stone for manifestation and bringing abundance and healing into your life. Geminis may benefit from working with a calming stone like Serpentine more than another prosperity stone.

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