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Squalicorax Pristodontus Tooth
Squalicorax Pristodontus Tooth

Squalicorax Pristodontus Tooth

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You will receive one amazing Squalicorax tooth in a black or white 7cm display case.

This cool tooth fossil is from a Squalicorax Pristodontus, aka crow shark, which lived around North Africa, Europe and North America between 109 and 66 million years ago.

They would grow up to 5m but most often were closer to 2m in length. Their body was very similar to a modern grey reef shark and their teeth are very similar to a tiger shark.

While the utmost care is taken in unearthing these fossils, they may still have fractures and/or discolouration as they are fragile and have been in the ground for many millennia.

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