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Selenite massage wand - 15-16cm

Selenite massage wand - 15-16cm

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These top quality Moroccan selenite massage wands can be used to soothe sore muscles by gently targeting pressure points or as part of a relaxing facial massage. The selenite will also help you achieve a peaceful mind state as you focus your energy in on self healing.

Chakra : Crown
Element : Water
Astro Sign : Cancer

Key Words : Peace, Clarity, Alignment

Named after 'Selene' the Goddess of the Moon, Selenite is a stone of clarity and brings awareness to oneself and their surroundings. It is also a stone of alignment and aligns your body mentally, emotionally and spiritually and connects you with your higher consciousness. It is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is often used in meditation, crystal grids and placed around the home creating harmony. Selenite is also able to cleanse the energy of other stones, making it a must have for any crystal collector. 

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