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Nephrite Jade Tumble
Nephrite Jade Tumble
Nephrite Jade Tumble
Nephrite Jade Tumble

Nephrite Jade Tumble

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The name Nephrite comes from the Greek word ‘nephros’, which means ‘kidney’. It’s because of the rounded and kidney-shaped Nephrite pebbles and boulders which convinced people to think that this stone can cure kidney ailments and diseases. Nephrite-Jade is a protective stone that will transmute these negative energies in your life into positive and uplifting ones. This stone will promote a sense of calm, quiet, and stillness that will make you appreciate and enjoy your life more!

It will be very beneficial if you live a very loud and busy life, because you will be able to calm down during the most crucial moments.

Tumble Size Guide
1 Tiny 0 – 4g
2 X Small 5 – 9g
3 Small 10 – 14g
4 Medium 15 – 19g
5 Large 20 – 24g
6 X Large 25 – 29g
7 XX Large 30 – 34g

*Price is for one crystal. We photograph multiple to give you an idea of the variation in shapes and colour. Each Tumble stone is categorised be weight to ensure consistency.

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