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Magnesium Flakes - 170g
Magnesium Flakes - 170g

Magnesium Flakes - 170g

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About our Epsom Salts

The Epsom Salts which we use to make all of our Bath Salts are 100% natural with no additives and have not been manufactured or modified in any way.

  • Mined to a high quality specification in Germany

  • 100% Pure

  • Never synthetic or artificial

  • FCC Food Grade Magnesium Sulphate

  • Naturally cleansing on the skin

The Epsom Salts and Essential Oils we use are 100% Natural and Pure and are sensitive to things that are synthetic or chemical based. As the minerals are kept pure and effective there is no need to add any additional products into your foot bath. You can add a spoonful of Coconut or Olive Oil to improve hydration, but be careful when getting out as this can be slippery.

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